Exploring the Brain in the heart of the Alps 

Systems Neuroscience in Innsbruck

We are intrigued by the question on how our brains derives at decisions. Decisions that are the results of sometimes complex thought processes influenced by our experiences and our environment.  Underlying thought processes that can when going awry result in the expression of symptoms reminiscent of severe neuropsychiatric disorders like schizophrenia. We apply advanced machine learning, behavioral modelling as well as mainly digital neural probes to investigate information processing of prefrontal neuronal pathways that underlie cognitive decision processes.  To learn more, visit our Research page.  The lab opened in 2022, and we continue to welcome interested students, individuals and partners to help push the frontiers of Neuroscience - just reach out.

We explore the alps when we dont explore the brains

Our Location

We are located In the heart of the Tyrol, and consequently in the heart of the Alps. The Medical University of Innsbruck provides excellent conditions for successful research and studies at an attractive location. The main objectives of the Medical University of Innsbruck are to provide top-quality training, world-class research, and continuous advancements in top-flight medicine. The University has some 3,300 students and 2,100 employees and is situated in a young and vibrant Innsbruck at the intersection of Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. 

Funding Support