Post-Doc /PhD Position

Interested in interspecies modelling of psychiatric conditions? Neuronal Information Theory or Behavioral Decision Modelling? 

Currently open for candidates who are interested to apply for independent Fellowships. 

We work together to build a strong application package with fitting collaborators.

Internship/Diploma/Master Thesis?

We are actively recruiting students who are interested in computational neuroscience, decision-making in animals and precision psychiatry.

All backgrounds welcome, expertise in mathematics or animal behavior or machine learning are particularly encouraged to apply

@International Students - we can provide financial support for students from the following institutions: 

UMG Göttingen, Universitat de Barcelona, University of Strasbourg, Semmelweis University, Trinity College Dublin, Leiden University Medical Center, University of Edinburg, Karolinska Institutet

Two open collaborative Bsc. / Msc. thesis projects:

The Projects:

We offer two new collaborative and highly multidisciplinary projects with partners of the University of Innsbruck. Both projects aim to establish and test new decision-making paradigms in our highly flexible and scalable behavioral toolbox system. A system that allows the investigation of AI or human-based decision tasks in rodents for increased translational validity to investigate neurobiological foundations of decision-making. The first project aims to establish a new paradigm on how subjects overcome short-term negativity for higher long-term gains. The second project investigates how we can increase the inter-species modelling of inductive biases.

Background & Environment:

We are looking for students holding a BSc in biology, psychology, computer science, or a related subject. The ideal candidate should be highly motivated, creative, detail-oriented, have initiative and innovation abilities and oral and written communication skills in English. Previous experience with coding/comp. modeling or animal-based research is advantagous, but not required. 

You can expect:

A fun, multicultural and collaborative team. 

A multidisciplinary working atmosphere for gaining hands-on experience alongside your studies; 

The chance to develop your skills in planning and designing a research project; 

To get familiarized with the modern techniques currently used in behavioral, systems and computational neuroscience; 

Support and guidance for next steps in your career.

Applications for the above should be sent to and include a 1) full CV, 2) a short motivation letter stating your research interests, experience and potential career goals. Starting Date: positions are open until filled during 2024, starting date is negotiable. Date of issue: 01.05.2024

Contact & Application: Interested candidates should reach out to johannes.passecker @

Open Position!