Research Overview

Our main research interest focuses on a better insight into how neuronal networks support cognitive control in both health and disease. How do we make decisions and how do the outcome and interpretation thereof affect our future goals, contextual interpretations, and decisions? Our aim is to improve the neurobiological understanding of those processes and develop better model systems for stringent and efficient testing of potential rescue options of psychiatric disorders.

With colleagues and collaborators, we pursue an integrated approach by applying novel and state-of-the-art techniques to solve the scientific questions underlying psychiatric maladaptation of our brains. Our techniques involve Head-fixed and freely moving in-vivo Electrophysiology & Behaviour, Optogenetics, Genetic Model Lines, RNA-analysis, Immunohistochemistry, Behavioural testing combined with advanced statistical modelling, machine learning and Deep-learning assisted analysis.

Outreach Impressions


Austrian Neuroscience Association Meeting